AI/ML in FoodTech | AMA with Kranthi Mitra Adusumilli, AVP of Data Science at Swiggy

Kranthi is the AVP of Data Science at Swiggy. Swiggy is one of the largest and highest-valued online food ordering and delivery platforms in India. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and holds a PhD degree in Operations Research from University of Texas. Kranthi has acquired a rich, hands-on experience by working as a data scientist across a multitude of industries. He has a strong expertise in the e-commerce space which includes hyperlocal delivery, real-time optimizations, digital marketing, fraud detection and personalization.

In this AMA Session, Kranthi gives us a brief idea of the daily tasks that the Data Science team performs at Swiggy. He talks about a few projects that he has worked on as a Data Scientist and focuses on the impact generated through them. Kranthi gives us a sense of the hierarchy and responsibility distribution across different positions in his Data Science team in FoodTechs.

He also states some key factors that led to growth of the Data Science Industry and speaks about the developments he wishes to see in the industry in future. In the end, he outlines the importance of networking and gives some advice to those who are enthusiastic about becoming a data scientist.

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