AI/ML in Consulting | AMA with Anurag Sharma, Sr. Data Scientist at Decision Point

Anurag works as a Senior Data Scientist at Decision Point Analytics. Decision Point is an analytics consulting company that provides big data solutions to clients in the Retail, Electronics, E-commerce and Healthcare sectors. Anurag did his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee and has worked with data for over seven years.

In this AMA Session, Anurag tells us how the inclusion of data science in the retail sector redefined the way in which companies formed sales and marketing decisions. He then talks about a few projects he has worked on and mainly focuses on the new model that he and his team developed to improve the demand forecasting process.

He also enlightens us on the various use-cases of Data Science and AI in the Retail and Healthcare Industry. In the end, Anurag conveys the importance of team building skills and gives a few tips that prove to helpful for those wanting to enter the Data Science Industry.

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