AI/ML in FinTech | AMA with Kashish Soien, Data Science Manager at PayU

Kashish Soien graduated from IIT Delhi in 2013 and currently manages the Data Science team at PayU. PayU is one of the leading payment gateways in India and currently powers about 4.5 million businesses such as Netflix, Airbnb, Book My Show, Cred etc. He has a rich, hands-on experience as a data scientist in the Fintech Industry.

In this AMA Session, Kashish tells us that with the inclusion of Data Science, the FinTech Industry evolved and newer aspects of financial services, like e-payments, risk modelling and fraud detection emerged. He speaks about the ways in which PayU and other FinTech companies leverage Data Science to power their operations.

He also talks about the tasks and projects that he has undertaken as a data scientist in the FinTech Industry. Towards the end, Kashish addresses the need for mentorship programs in building confidence and giving direction to learners. He also gives some tips for those who are looking to break into the industry.

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