AI/ML in Neo Banking | AMA Talk with Ankul Pal, VP - Data Science at NiYO

Ankur Pal is the VP of Data Science team at NiYO. He is a mentor, advisor and investor who holds a huge following across social media. He is an alumnus of NIT Silchar, Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and Indian School of Business (ISB).

In this AMA Session, Ankur share with us the key insights on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Neo Banking through a power-point presentation. He tells us how the banking sector was one of the first sectors to adopt the use of artificial intelligence and how Neo Banking, which is the modern form of banking, has taken a step further into exploring and adopting the advanced use cases of Data Science.

After the presentation, he gives some tips for those who are willing to start a career in the Data Science field.