AL/ML Career Tips | AMA with Dipanjan Sarkar, Lead Data Scientist at Propulsion Academy

Dipanjan Sarkar is a Lead Data Scientist at Propulsion Academy, Zürich. Propulsion Academy provides part-time and full-time data science programs to students who are looking to make their careers in the field of technology. He has been honored with titles like the 'Top 10 Data Scientists in India, 2020' and '40 under 40 Data Scientists, 2021'. Along with being a Lead Data Scientist, Dipanjan is also a Google Developer Expert, AI Advisor, Consultant and Mentor at various esteemed organizations and universities like UC San Diego.

In this AMA Session, Dipanjan talks about the roles and responsibilities of a Lead Data Scientist. He also speaks about his recently published book- 'Text Analytics with Python' and the inspiration behind it. He then mentions some of the interesting problem statements that he has worked on as a Data scientist and the impact generated through them.

He mainly focuses on the project he undertook in the security domain and addresses the need for such projects in reducing the associated risks and enhancing security. He further elaborates on the approach that Data Science teams undertake while they look at a business problem. In the end, Dipanjan talks about the importance of non-technical skills and gives a few career tips to those who want to build a successful career in the AI and ML domain.

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