AlmaBetter has designed the most student-centered curriculum for the betterment of the community.

FM Nurul Huda Pathan secured a pre-placement offer from LKQ India within 28 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Nurul has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

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Hey everyone, my name is FM Nurul Huda Pathan, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT, Manipur. I worked in Wipro as a Project Engineer before I decided to pursue Data Science and join AlmaBetter. I secured a pre-placement offer from LKQ India within 28 weeks of the program commencement.

With the advent of AI and ML technologies, several scientific milestones have been achieved in the last 70 years. After witnessing the scientific developments, I was thrilled and amazed, particularly in space exploration. I wanted to explore the cosmos using AI and ML technologies. Also, the increasing challenges of solving climatic change and industrial issues drew me to learn data science and impart my part in solving these challenges.

I have always wanted to learn more about Data Science since my college days. However, Data Science was not a part of my curriculum. Also, the courses available online do not guarantee placements. AlmaBetter’s Learn Earn Return model helps students secure a job in the Data Science field with a minimum 25% or more hike. The most exciting feature of the program is the Pay After Placement model, which provides the freedom of chasing your dreams without worrying about the financial aspect. Moreover, Almabetter stands as the platform to democratize access to education, i.e., offer equal educational opportunities to every student in the Data Science domain.

AlmaBetter has designed the most student-centered curriculum for the betterment of every Data Science enthusiast. Comprehensive and fun teaching elements are incorporated in the curriculum like visual elements, gamification of concepts, regular doubt solving sessions, quizzes and experiments, and industry-oriented learning. Moreover, daily learning reports and constructive feedback helped me identify the areas of improvement and encouraged me to work on them. It also helped me to master challenging concepts quickly.

AlmaBetter's unique curriculum includes exciting elements like Capstone Projects and AMA Sessions. Capstone Projects provided a platform for team collaboration, learning from peers,student-centered and hands-on experience. The projects helped me improve my teamwork skills, and I got an idea regarding the future projects I would work on after the placement. The AMA sessions were motivating, and they made us industry-ready. Industry experts talked about their experience and the current trends in the Data Science industry. AMA Sessions are the best way to gain insightful knowledge about the industry and stay motivated throughout the journey.

Although all the learning elements are outstanding, The One-on-one mentorship sessions were the best element of the curriculum. The mentors provided me with personalized guidance and career counseling. Mentors also helped me understand the actual applications of theoretical concepts. The valuable feedback I received from the mentors helped me identify my weak areas and improve them. Moreover, the mentorships sessions also prepared me for the job interviews.

Coming to my placement experience, the AlmaX Placement Drive helped me solidify all the concepts I learned in Statistics, ML, etc. Defending resume and case study sessions imparted a great deal in improving my communication skills. I appeared in multiple mock interviews, which boosted my confidence, improved my communication skills, and prepared me for the actual interview. I explored more Data Science challenges through Kaggle during the placement drive. All the learnings during the placement drive played a vital role in securing an excellent job in the Data Science field.

My journey at AlmaBetter was extraordinary. The entire AlmaBetter team is working relentlessly to provide the best learning experience to the students. AlmaBetter offers the best curriculum, and my only advice would be to follow the curriculum sincerely. The robust curriculum provided by AlmaBetter is more than enough to land your dream job.

FM Nurul Huda Pathan

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