AlmaBetter has revolutionized the career transition to the Data Science industry.

Sumanta Muduli secured a pre- placement offer from Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics within 22 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Sumanta has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

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Hey everyone, my name is Sumanta, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IGIT, Sarang. I am a 2021 graduate, and after my college, I decided to join AlmaBetter and secured a pre-placement offer from Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics within 22 weeks of the program commencement.

I have always been interested in AI. A series of events directed me towards the AI realm. In the early years of my college, I realized my interest is more in the Data Science domain. In the third year of my college, I participated in a workshop about the applications of AI in ROBOTICS, and it fascinated me a lot. As my college was ending, I decided that I need professional guidance to explore the world of Data Science, and that’s when I decided to join AlmaBetter.

AlmaBetter provides risk-free learning, unique Pay After Placement policy and a placement guarantee to young data science enthusiasts. AlmaBetter has revolutionized the career transition to the Data Science industry. Data Science is a vast field, and AlmaBetter’s curriculum is designed perfectly for the students. Moreover, AlmaBetter is changing the recruitment process in the industry with the AlmaX Placement Drive.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was excellent. The best element of the curriculum was that AlmaBetter provides cool visualizations for every topic; it helps in understanding complex concepts quickly. Also, the AMA Sessions were insightful and allowed me to gain industry knowledge, which is very important before entering the Data Science industry. Moreover, AlmaBetter also conducted Capstone Projects. Working on Capstone Projects helped me in expanding my knowledge of the industry. The practical knowledge that Capstone Projects provides is exceptional. Practical knowledge is as necessary as book knowledge as it allows you to understand how the work is conducted in the industry.

The One-On-One Mentorship sessions are one of the most important elements of AlmaBetter’s curriculum. Self-learning is good, but you must get proper guidance and mentorship with complex concepts like AI and ML. AlmaBetter’s mentors were always there for me, and they also boosted my confidence. Moreover, AlmaBetter also helped me improve my soft skills, which are as essential as technical skills. As an engineering graduate, my technical skills were already good; however, my soft skills needed some polishing. AlmaBetter helped a lot in improving my communication skills and boosting my confidence. Since the day I joined AlmaBetter, I realized I was improving every day.

The AlmaX Placement Drive played a vital role in securing a job as a Data Scientist. The mock interviews boosted my confidence for the actual interview and also improved my communication skills. Moreover, the resume building sessions allowed me to build a crisp and to the point resume to get shortlisted for the job interview. Also, the resume defending sessions is my personal favorite as it ensures that you are prepared with the perfect resume before the interview.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was fun and challenging. AlmaBetter transformed my life and allowed me to switch my field from mechanical engineering to Data Science without any hesitation or risk. My advice to the students considering becoming a part of the AlmaBetter family is; get ready for an adventurous journey and an amazing learning experience with AlmaBetter. AlmaBetter is doing its best to provide the finest curriculum to all Data Science enthusiasts.

Sumanta Muduli.

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