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In an interview with CNBC, the Co–founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates, owed his success to the assistance of his mentor – Warren Buffet, thus reflecting upon the importance of mentorship. Through mentorship, the more experienced person, aka the mentor, provides knowledge, guidance and counseling to the person at the receiving end, i.e the mentee, to help him realize and achieve his true potential. We have come a long way from old systems of mentorship like the guru–disciple tradition, to modern mentorship programs. And throughout the history of mentorship, we can see that it builds powerful connections that have a lifelong positive impact on both, the mentor and the mentee.

Having someone who guides, supports and encourages you through every step of your learning journey is one of the best ways to develop new skills and grow as a person, isn’t it? According to a survey conducted by Sage, out of those who have a mentor, 97% admit that their contributions were beneficial. But more than 85% of the people who want a mentor, don’t have one!

At AlmaBetter, we realize and fulfil our student’s need for mentorship. As a part of our Learn. Earn. Return (LER) program, we organize mentorship sessions for our students. Here, we have listed out the key elements of mentorship sessions for you-

  1. 1-on-1 sessions - Each student is connected to a mentor for personalized experience so that they can chart a career path and create strategies specific to the student’s goals.

  2. Weekly sessions with Industry Experts – These mentorship sessions are conducted weekly, wherein experienced professionals from the Data Science Industry connect with our students for insightful sessions.

  3. Mentorship from diverse experts – We have a strong family of 50+ mentors who interact with our students on a rotation basis, thus ensuring that during a student’s journey at AlmaBetter, he can learn from 20+ mentors.

This mentorship program was designed keeping in mind the pivotal role that mentors play in a student’s life. Let me throw some light on why we focus on mentorship sessions.

Mentors help students develop strategies fitting their needs, talents and skills, thereby helping them in career progression. When students interact with the experts, they get a pulse of how the Data Science industry works and what the current market trends are. They learn about practical applications of theoretical concepts which they can readily apply when they enter the industry.

By addressing student’s questions regarding the industry and by sharing valuable insights with them in these interactive sessions, mentors help them develop effective communication skills. With a mentor's valuable feedback and constant encouragement, students become more confident. These skills come in handy when students sit for placements.

Along with helping students navigate in their career paths, these sessions also serve as a great outlet for data science professionals to give back to the industry as they help us in building a new capable AI workforce.

For these reasons, AlmaBetter’s data science program comprises weekly mentorship sessions with experts. And if you're on a lookout for such a comprehensive program, you know where to find it!

Join us and receive support and guidance throughout your journey from industry's best talent!!

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