AlmaBetter shapes and grooms students to be employable and valuable candidates.

Saifuddin Raja secured a pre-placement offer from KAS Services India Ltd. within 8 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Saifuddin has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

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Hi everyone, my name is Saifuddin Raja, and I hold a Bachelors’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. In the final year of my college, Data Science and Machine Learning caught my attention. It is essential to learn the advanced concepts of Data Science to land a good job, and that’s when my friend recommended me to join AlmaBetter. I secured a job at KAS Services India Ltd. within 8 weeks of the program commencement.

In my opinion, AlmaBetter is the perfect place for a student like me. Theoretical knowledge can be obtained through books, videos, etc. AlmaBetter believes in theoretical and practical learning, making it the ideal institute for all Data Science enthusiasts. AlmaBetter shapes and grooms students to be employable and valuable candidates for a Data Science job. Also, the Pay After Placement model shows the amount of trust they have in the curriculum and the process.

Exciting learning elements such as Capstone Projects and One-on-one mentorship sessions expanded my industry knowledge. Apart from the technical skills tested in a Capstone Project, a critical thing that all my team members picked up was how to work collaboratively. We learned how to identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses and decide which parts of the project team members should handle. The Data Science industry demands a lot of skills, and working on Capstone projects polishes the required skillset. AlmaBetter provides this fantastic opportunity to students to ask for advice and guidance from experienced mentors. The one-on-one mentorship sessions are the best way to boost your confidence and expand your knowledge of the industry at the same time. Also, while interacting with such brilliant minds, one can pick up and learn many soft skills. Moreover, you also get to collaborate with peers from the community, which helps in boosting your teamwork and leadership skills.

AlmaBetter’s curriculum is much more refined than the other courses available online. Concepts like Machine Learning Engineering, ML-Ops, and Cloud are introduced well. All the crucial concepts required in Data Science are covered in the curriculum. The team at AlmaX has curated the best resources, tricks, and tips by consulting with HR recruiters in the Data Science and Machine Learning departments. AlmaBetter also provides advanced resume-building tools, and real-world Data Scientists guide you to ensure that it’s a job-winning resume.

My journey at AlmaBetter was amazing and worth all the efforts. My advice to other students would be to trust the process and use all the resources provided. AlmaBetter will match your effort and ensure that you get rewarded for your hard work.

Saifuddin Raja.

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