AlmaBetter steered me in the right direction

Prashant Jha secured multiple pre-placement offers from Decision Point and Flutura within 20 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Prashant has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

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Hey everyone, my name is Prashant Jha. I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and engineering. I worked at Tata Consultancy Services before joining AlmaBetter. I secured multiple pre-placement offers from companies like Decision Point and Flutura within 20 weeks of the program commencement, and I decided to go with Decision Point. I was always interested in Data Science. In my opinion, Data Science is one of the significant reasons that help organizations thrive.

As a fresher, it is hard to break into the field of Data Science. AlmaBetter's Pay After Placement model shows how confident they are with their Data Science Programs. I also liked the initiative they are practising by providing risk-free education. These are some of the reasons why I selected AlmaBetter.

The risk-free educational approach is essential now more than ever. Students nowadays are anxious after investing a lot of money in their careers and colleges and getting nothing out of it. AlmaBetter's accommodating risk-free education helps students to pay after placement with their own hard-earned money.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was astonishing. The curriculum is very student-centred and well constructed. My personal favourite part of the curriculum was the one-on-one mentorship sessions. I learned a lot from the mentorship sessions, and it helped me boost my confidence for the interviews. Also, the mentors pushed me to be a better version of myself every time.

Capstone projects made me realize how crucial it is to work together as a team. Capstone projects also helped me understand the business aspect of the problems. Another interactive part of the curriculum was the AMA Sessions. The AMA sessions were one of the most inspiring and insightful elements of the curriculum. Experienced Data Scientists enlightened us with their knowledge and explained how vast the Data Science field is. The best thing about AlmaBetter's curriculum is that it's appropriate and to the point. Data Science is a vast field, and there's a lot to learn. AlmaBetter makes sure that the students don't feel overwhelmed while learning.

The AlmaX Placement Drive strengthened me for the real interview. The mock interviews boosted my confidence and prepared me to handle critical situations during the interview. Also, the resume building session gave me a lifetime learning of creating the perfect resume.

AlmaBetter helped me secure the job I always wanted to have. I found great mentors and made a lot of connections throughout the journey. I would like to thank the AlmaBetter team for steering me in the right direction. To all the students considering becoming a part of the AlmaBetter family, I'd like to say, have faith in the process and give your best throughout the journey.

Prashant Jha

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