AMA Talk with Abhinav Litkar, Staff Data Scientist at Swiggy

Abhinav Litkar is a Staff Data Scientist at Swiggy. Abhinav and his team were awarded with the prestigious 'Aegis Graham Bell Award' for Innovation in the Transport-Tech category. Abhinav is an IIT Delhi graduate. Over the last eight years, he has acquired a rich, hands-on experience by working as a data scientist across multiple sectors.

In this AMA Session, Abhinav shares his understanding of the AI and ML world with data science enthusiasts. He talks about his role as a Staff Data Scientist at Swiggy and the kind of projects he has worked on in his career. He explains the impact generated through these projects in terms of improving consumer experience and increasing revenues.

Abhinav has a good experience in building and working with predictive models and speaks about the approach he takes while working with these models. He elaborates on some real use-cases of fraud detection models and the overall change they've brought in the industry over the recent years. He also emphasizes on the need for developing team-building skills and gives a few tips for those who are willing to make a career in the Data Science domain.

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