AMA Talk with Samarth Agrawal, Senior Data Scientist at Tata Consultancy Service

Samarth Agrawal is a Senior Data Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services. He is an IIT Bombay graduate who has recently created a Python package named fast-ml which aims at making the lives of data scientists easier with its numerous inbuilt functionalities. Over the last thirteen years, he has acquired a rich experience as a data science communicator, educator and practitioner.

In this AMA Session, Samarth talks about his overall experience in the Data Science Industry. He begins by talking about his professional background and then speaks about the inspiration behind creating a python package. Few minutes into the episode, he speaks of his roles and responsibilities as a Data Scientist and elaborates on his past projects, mostly in the BFSI sector.

Samarth then discusses the way he approaches a data science problem and also talks about the impact of predictive models. In the end, he elaborates on the relevance of Pay-After-Payment models and gives a few tips to help students launch a career in the Data Science domain.

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