AI/ML in Pharma Industry | AMA with Shalini Sharma, Manager at Myntra

Shalini did her Bachelors from MNIT Jaipur in 2016. She then worked at ZS to explore the Pharma industry. Later, she joined DataZymes as a Data Science Consultant. DataZymes is a consulting firm that provides analytical solutions to Pharmaceutical companies. She recently moved to Myntra as a Strategy and Planning Manager.

In this AMA Session, Shalini talks about her journey as a data scientist and focusses on the challenges that she faced while transitioning from a management role to an analytics role. She points out a few ways in which the Pharma industry has leveraged data science to fuel its growth.

She also elaborates on the importance of mentorship in a student's learning journey and gives a few tips for those who want to venture into the dynamic Data Science field.

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