AMA With Jitendra Upadhyay | Principal Data Scientist at aiEnterprise Inc. | Kaggle Grandmaster

Jitendra is the Principal Data Scientist at aiEnterprise Inc. AiEnterprise is an IT company that specializes in delivering digital commerce solutions to clients on a global scale. Jitendra is a Kaggle Grandmaster and holds a masters degree in Business Analytics from Indian School of Business. He has worked in the Data Science domain for about 11 years now.

In this AMA Session, Jitendra shares his understanding of the Data Science Industry with the young minds who want to make a career in this field. He talks about his journey of becoming a Kaggle Grandmaster and also throws light on the kind of problems he has worked on in the Data Science domain.

He then talks us through his work in the Finance and Retail Sectors. He also discusses a few must-have qualities of budding Data Scientists that can benefit them in interviews. At last, Jitendra says that becoming a Data Scientist doesn't necessarily require a Computer Science background; all it requires is passion.

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