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Rohan Datta secured multiple pre-placement offers from Flutura Decision Sciences and Data Sutram within 36 weeks of the program commencement. Let's hear what Rohan has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

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Hey everyone, I am Rohan Datta, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from NIT, Silchar. I decided to join AlmaBetter in the final year of my college. AlmaBetter’s robust curriculum helped me secure multiple pre-placement offers from companies like Flutura Decision Sciences and Data Sutram within 36 weeks of the program commencement. I decided to go with Flutura, and I am currently working there as a Data Science Programmer. My love for mathematics and data inclined me to build a career in Data Science.

I was always sure about building a career in Data Science. However, I was always sceptical about the financial aspect. As a student, it is crucial to invest in the right institute; that’s where AlmaBetter stepped up and helped me follow my dream of becoming a Data Scientist. AlmaBetter’s Learn Earn Return model grabbed my attention. AlmaBetter believes in providing risk-free education with Pay After Placement and a placement guarantee to young Data Science enthusiasts. AlmaBetter stands for Quality in education, Discipline in curriculum and perseverance in getting students placed.

My learning experience at AlmaBetter was one of a kind. The live classes at AlmaBetter are very engaging and interactive. Also, the mentorship sessions and Case Study classes help students to improve their articulation skills. Moreover, at AlmaBetter, one can learn and implement at the same time. AlmaBetter’s learning website has many excellent features for students to understand concepts visually. I also enjoyed the daily learning report and constructive feedback as it helped me identify my weaknesses and work on them.

The one-on-one mentorship sessions helped me improve my articulation skills which prepared me for the job interviews. The mentors at AlmaBetter are Data Science Professionals with several years of experience in Data Science. The one-on-one mentorships sessions with such experienced professionals helped me understand the real application of theoretical concepts and kept me updated with the latest trends in the industry.

AlmaBetter also conducted weekly AMA Sessions with industry experts. These AMA Sessions were influential in gaining knowledge of the Data Science industry. These weekly sessions revolve around their experience in the industry, which is very informative and motivating. AlmaBetter conducts AMA Sessions to inspire students and make them industry-ready. Witnessing the industry experts talk is a blissful experience.

Apart from learning the core technical skills, AlmaBetter also helped me develop effective communication skills by providing us training in collaboration with Utter. Moreover, while working on Capstone Projects with other Data Science enthusiasts, I improved my team-building skills. I also developed time management skills and leadership skills during my journey at AlmaBetter.

AlmaBetter’s placement workshop provided me with a dedicated career coach who helped me throughout the process of placement. Multiple Mock Interviews with Data Science professionals helped me develop a good hold on ML concepts and boosted my confidence. AlmaBetter also helped me improve my LinkedIn Profile for the recruitment process. Moreover, the resume building sessions with the help of a dedicated career coach helped me curate the perfect, job-securing resume. AlmaBetter provides an AI-enabled resume building platform to ensure the resume is good enough to get shortlisted for interview calls.

My journey at AlmaBetter was adventurous and extraordinary. AlmaBetter helped me become more confident towards achieving my goals. To all the student who wants to be a part of AlmaBetter family, my only piece of advice would be to keep faith in yourself and trust the process.

Rohan Datta

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