Building a career in Data Science | AMA with Nishant Agrawal, Sr. Data Scientist at Bounce

Nishant Agrawal did his Bachelors from IIT Delhi and is a data scientist at Swiggy. Prior to this, Nishant worked as a data scientist at Bounce. He has about six years of experience in the data science industry. Through this session, he shares his insights and learnings with young data science enthusiasts.

In this AMA Session, Nishant talks about the kind of problems and projects he has worked on as a data scientist. He gives us a brief sense of the kind of cross functional teams data scientists have to collaborate with at work. He also puts forth the kinds of expectations set for people at different levels of hierarchy in Data Science teams.

Nishant comments on the recent innovations and trends in the industry and also discusses what the future of the data science industry holds.

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