Career Advice for Data Scientists | AMA with K Saurabh, CTO at Agile Infotelligence

Saurabh is an IIT Kanpur alumnus and has been in the Data Science Industry for over a decade. He worked with several small and large companies before he decided to start his own venture. He is the founder and CTO of Agile Infotelligence.

In this AMA Session, Saurabh reveals the inspiration behind starting his own company. He talks about the challenges involved and how he overcame them. As a Chief Technology Officer, he is aware of the competition for entry level jobs in the data science domain. Thus, he gives a few tips on how to make oneself stand out among thousands of applicants who have applied for the job.

Saurabh also talks about the power of networking and building your space in the industry. He throws some light on the need for mentorship sessions for students in every domain. In the end, he gives some useful tips for those who want to delve into the data science world.

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