What's AlmaBetter?

The Problem

Currently, there is a dearth of qualified Data Science professionals in India manifested by several thousand vacant positions across Entry and Mid levels.

The rate of upskilling in this domain is much lower than the tremendous growth of jobs which will ultimately result in more vacant positions in the coming future.

The Solution

We are trying to solve the above-mentioned problem uniquely in two ways:

1. Challenging the traditional education system

  1. Industry relevant curriculum - Our curriculum is designed considering the relevance and usage of concepts and tools in the Data Science domain.

  2. Innovative teaching - Our instructors from premier colleges (including IITs/IIMs) focus on imparting learning through experiments and gamification to make the process gripping and enthralling.

  3. Novel evaluation techniques - We challenge the adequacy of evaluation process in traditional evaluation system (student performance is assessed based on exams conducted twice/thrice in a semester). Instead, our evaluation mechanism leverages technology to intercept behavioral inhibitions to learning at a day-to-day level. This helps us provide customized learning experience at individual level.

2. Eliminating financial risk in learning

  1. We select a small bunch of students from a pool of thousands and make them job-ready over a period of 8 months.

  2. These students only have to pay us the tuition fee after they have gotten a high paying job in Data Science. The payment is ensured through Income Sharing Agreement.

  3. The high level risk on our side (induced by ZERO upfront fees) reflects our honesty and commitment in imparting quality education.

Additionally, we are approaching the placements ecosystem with inventive mechanisms such as monetarily incentivized Referral Program. Under this program, we provide phased-out monetary incentive to anyone who refer AlmaBetter students to openings at their workplace. Along with the referral program, we have also built a platform where potential hirers could go through the portfolios of our candidates and hire them. This is how we maximize the placement chances of AlmaBetter students.

So, if you're looking to delve into the Data Science world, AlmaBetter presents you with the best curriculum at zero upfront fees. Join now and kickstart your career in the field of Data Science and AI.

Premium Program

Pay nothing until you get a job above 6 LPA

Pro Program

​Starts at just ₹ 1,999 per month (Limited Offer)


Hire top 1% data scientists at ZERO HIRING COSTS