Learn. Earn. Return.

As we enter the new digital age of AI and machine learning, we face a number of uncertainties. But none greater than what does the future of work look like? What are the skills that will not only be needed but also demanded, and how can one develop them?

It’s a question both employers and employees must address. It’s a BIG question. And who really knows with any certainty how we can prove ourselves and our workforce.

The only thing one can be certain of is the need to be adaptable, agile and innovative. All the BOOM words! The only way one can translate these words into tangible outcomes is by embracing a continuous approach to learning under a guiding hand, & AlmaBetter’s Learn. Earn. Return. (LER) Program brings you exactly that!

AlmaBetter’s Learn. Earn. Return. (LER) Program is a flagship program to architect the Education Renaissance of the nation by eliminating financial risks and providing access to better employment opportunities to those who see a future in AI.

Despite the presence of job openings and requirements in today’s era, the IT industry is not able to recruit learned professionals; the reason behind it being a gap in the demand-supply chain of the sector. AlmaBetter looks to exactly bridge that gap in AI related jobs to entitle skilled personnel to their desired destination.

LER – Learn Earn Return

The LER Program is designed to offer placements to the students in Data Science domain soon after the completion of 8 month curriculum and workshops with zero upfront fees. Selection of students for the program is based on their performance.

A 7 months class-course is designed to entitle them with complete data science knowledge and skills, desired as per the present scenario in the industry and references from our hiring partners. It is followed by a 1 month placement drive AlmaX to give a final touch-up to make the learners market-ready for any job in the sector.

AlmaBetter’s program, a bellwether of modern education-employment, gives you access to networking with a pool of talented Data Scientists, recruiters and investors.

AlmaBetter Merchandise, confining all the required learning and educational transcripts in a single package, is accredited to all its students. It is also accessible to the outside world on demand, with a small fee. In addition, AlmaBetter’s students also get hands on gift vouchers worth INR 2000 per month once they become a part of this lead ship.

LER – Course Curriculum

The LER curriculum is morphed keeping in minds the need and occupancy of the learners and teachers. It demands duration of 2 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on Saturdays.

The course demanding no prior experience commences from stage zero and takes the students on a journey comprising of all the aspects of Data Science viz. Python, Machine learning, Deep learning, ML Engineering, Analytics etc. Various online sessions hosted within this time period, add to the learning of students. Simultaneously, a check is kept on their progress through a credit score card pro forma.

The credit score is identified per student, post analysis of every session, which is in turn updated weekly and monthly. A minimum threshold score is set for the students to march upon, in order to move forward to the next module. The credit is generated from assessment rubrics varying according to sessions like Open Lecture, Mentor session, doubt session, live quiz, guided project etc.

Mentor Facilities

With one mentor being mapped to a group of 3-4 people, 1-on-1 Mentorship sessions are conducted every Saturday. This conclave supports the mentors in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students as well as the areas of improvement. The mentor session assists the doubt resolution forums held throughout the week to reach a gist and become aware of the student’s performance.

Monitoring and assessment is done by fabricating distinct reports within which - Class mangers, Instructors and Coaches maintain Attendance reports, Quizzes, Projects and weekly assessments. Students are held onto and worked upon at every step of the way to lead to a smooth and versatile learning experience.

Job - the forerunner

Just as a sequential and well planned book, AlmaBetter’s flagship believes in the word of ‘Objective & Successional Learning’. Only when one step is climbed upon successfully will the next tread come into picture. We as a team, mount on student’s self-belief, assist them with the best of the teachers, and ascend the stairwell of future through collective workship of all. With the able guidance of mentors, skills and knowledge of instructors and coaches, we reckon AlmaBetter’s Mentorship Program as a go-to stop for every Scholar aspiring to Learn, Earn and Return.

Doesn’t matter from which place, which college, which background or which job you come from, this program is an open stage for every budding candidate deeming a future in Data Science!

So....are you game? Visit www.almabetter.com for more information regarding the programs.

Pro Program


EMI options starting at
₹ 1,100 per month