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As businesses are increasingly adopting Data Science to improve their decision making, the demand for Data Scientists is skyrocketing. Since Data Science has not yet emerged as a mainstream college curriculum, a number of Ed-tech ventures have surfaced to fulfill the aforementioned demand. Most of these ventures charge hefty upfront fees to provide relevant training and certifications, however, the usefulness of such programs is limited as a majority of students do not land good jobs despite spending lakhs on training.

At AlmaBetter, we are challenging this risk-inscribed education set-up through an innovative Learn. Earn. Return. (LER) concept. Under this concept, we offer Data Science training to select students on the “Pay after Placement” model wherein we charge them the tuition fee only after they land a high paying job. In this way, we eliminate any financial risk from the student’s end.

Our LER Program infuses conceptual learning with industry-relevant skill training via a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare job-ready candidates. The key components of the program are briefly explained below -

  • Instructor led live sessions- Instructors from IIT/ IIMs who are experienced in Data Science domain teach in an interactive live session.

  • Doubt resolution during live lectures- Moderated doubt resolution at the end of each lecture.

  • Interactive learning methodology- Complex concepts made easy through experiments and presence of interactive visual elements.

  • Data Science lab- A repository of gamified experiments to enhance learning experience.

  • Learning through practice- Focus on hands on training through “I do, we do, you do” methodology. Regular conceptual tests, quizzes and assignments are conducted.

  • Competency Based Learning (CBL) methodology- Promotion to the next section of the curriculum is conditional upon mastery in the previous section. Focus on developing optimal competency level across a diverse cohort.

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship- Personal mentorship sessions help students understand the business applications of theoretical concepts so as to make them industry-ready.

In our training process, we do not stop at creating techies. Alongside imparting requisite Data Science skills, we also focus profoundly on imparting leadership values in order to shape the technology leaders of tomorrow. Coming from diverse backgrounds, when students work together on capstone projects and interact with each other in sessions, they learn to respect diversity and build teamwork skills.

Another key component of the LER Program is the AlmaX Placement Drive. Under this program, each student is assigned a dedicated career coach, who conducts resume building sessions, placement workshops, and mock interviews to ensure interview-readiness of the students. Ultimately, our students land a high paying job within just 32 weeks of training!

We know what you’re thinking. How to become a part of our coveted LER program?

Well, our LER curriculum can be availed through two programs- the Premium Program and the Pro Program. Both, newbies or people with a coding background can enroll in these programs. The following descriptions will help you decide which program is the right fit for you.

Premium Program

Premium program is best suited for people who can truly commit to the demanding attendance criterion (90% mandatory attendance) and can devote 4-5 hours of their time everyday. To be a part of our Premium Program, students have to go through a two-step selection process - LER Selection Test which is followed by a Personal Interview round.

After selection, they sign an Income Share Agreement under which they promise to pay fixed monthly installments (INR 10,000 for 30 months) once they get placed through our placement drive (with min. 6 LPA salary).

Pro Program

Pro Program is best suited for people who are unable to commit to a fixed schedule due to other personal commitments and want to learn at their own pace. Here, students have the choice to learn either through live instructor-led sessions or recorded lectures, as per their convenience.

Completion of the program is ensured through clearing a set of competency challenges and a certificate is provided towards the end of the program. After completion of the program, students get the choice to opt for AlmaBetter placement services after signing the ISA. Under ISA in Pro program, students are required to pay fixed monthly installments (INR 10,000 for 20 months) after getting placement with one of our hiring partners (with min. 6 LPA salary).

With advanced strategies and a job-oriented approach, these comprehensive programs turn today’s Data Science enthusiasts into tomorrow’s Data Science experts.

So….what are you waiting for? Enroll now for an unparalleled learning experience at AlmaBetter!

Premium Program

Pay nothing until you get a job above 6 LPA

Pro Program

​Starts at just ₹ 1,999 per month (Limited Offer)


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