Life transformed in just 3 and a half months

Sriram Chunduri from Cohort Nilgiri secured a pre-placement offer from Genpact within 14 weeks of program commencement. Let's hear what Sriram has to say about his experience at AlmaBetter.

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“Hello everyone! I’m Sriram Chunduri. I did my Bachelors in Electronics and Communications from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology in 2018. After that, I worked as a Software Development Engineer for about 2 years.

I was not introduced to Data Science in my undergraduate curriculum. But I was keen on gaining knowledge in this field. Hence, I did a basic Data Science course from another online institution. But this course wasn’t comprehensive enough and didn’t give me the skills to launch my career in the analytics domain. Fortunately, I came across AlmaBetter’s Data Science Premium Program.

AlmaBetter’s vision is to impart Data Science training to passionate students at no risk. Most of the traditional courses require an upfront fee payment. Due to this financial burden, a lot of students are not able to pursue their dreams. But AlmaBetter’s innovative model paints a whole new picture by bringing a Pay After Placement model into the frame. Here, you first complete your course, get a job with 6LPA or more, and then pay your course fee from your earned income.

My learning journey at AlmaBetter was pretty exciting. They have an industry-oriented curriculum that includes live classes, daily quizzes, assignments, mentorship sessions, AMA Sessions and capstone projects. It is quite hard to find all these qualities in one course, especially one-on-one mentor support.

One-on-one mentorship sessions were conducted every week. The mentors helped me understand the real-life applications of theoretical concepts and encouraged me to build a strong network in the industry. They also kept me updated about the recent advancements and trends in industry.

Along with the mentorship sessions, AMA sessions were also really helpful in understanding how the Data Science Industry functions. These sessions were conducted by experienced professionals from the Data Science Community. Every week, I got an opportunity to listen to their innovative ideas and draw useful insights.

I believe that non-technical skills are as important as technical skills. At AlmaBetter, I collaborated with other students while working on Capstone Projects. As a team, we had numerous discussions on every concept and exchanged a lot of ideas. This helped me in polishing my soft skills.

The overall environment that AlmaBetter creates for its students is conducive to learning. In all respects, the institute stands out from others. To all those who are considering joining AlmaBetter, I want to say that just follow the curriculum diligently. The AlmaBetter team is very receptive and supportive. If you’re dedicated enough, you’ll surely achieve your dreams.

Thank you.”

Sriram Chunduri

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