AI/ML in Fashion Industry | AMA with Deeksha Malik, Director of Data Science at Pomelo

Deeksha Malik is the Director of the Data Science team at Pomelo. Pomelo is a leading Fashion Omnichannel Retailer in Southeast Asia. She is an alumna of University of Delhi from where she got her MS in Statistics. Along with work, she is currently pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from Rennes School of Business.

In this AMA Session, Deeksha comments on the dynamic behavior of the Fashion Industry and helps us understand how Data Science is being leveraged to make wiser decisions in this industry. She talks of her experience in the industry and also discusses some of the interesting projects and ideas that she has worked on.

She talks about various ways in which Data Science and allied capabilities are being used to predict customer shopping behavior and industry trends. Towards the end, Deeksha gives some key pieces of advice for people who are preparing to start their career in the data science domain.

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